Thursday, December 13

Being a Target gave me Faith Like Moses

When I first became a target I didn't even know a such thing as targeted individuals existed. There was this one time that I was at home and for the past couple or few months something was going on that I couldn't put a finger on. There was a gentleman who was a friend of one of my brothers who would come over sometimes. Then this one night I'd known someone was in my house I'd called the police and they came out and no one was found two times that night. Later that night, I'd heard someone in the house again, and this time, so did my kids. So I called my mother. She came with her man and they checked the entire house after the police had already been called out, and said nothing was there... In my confusion, I asked her to take the kids home with her and had to prove for myself someone was there. Which I did, and my brothers friend came and followed the footprints to the abandoned house next door. You see I set a fire in that house and started screaming how I set the house on fire when someone ran out of the house and jumped off the roof. Since it was raining there was footprints left from where they jumped down.

For many years I wanted to get to the bottom of what was happening. At times I felt like I was losing my mind. While others I was angered enough to put my life on the line to find out. Soon after these events that weren't isolated but rather common I'd been fearful for my kids safety and kinda gave up on everything.

                          All these years later it makes sense now as to what was happening and I hope to be able to convey it all on this blog so that it may help someone else or do it's job and help me to overcome as it is written in Revelations 12:11.

Let me just say this. All these years, and events later, I'm a step-by-step textbook case of a targeted individual. Not quite sure exactly why I'd become a targeted individual I'm only sure that I am. A text book case of how dissidents and whistle-blowers are treated after having been placed on what's called a T.I. list. This list is of various kinds of people but, mostly those who believe the messianic message are from all walks of life and are told of this happening in the contents of the biblical scriptures. The idea that this would even be possible never would have crossed my mind in the past. Neither would being a target myself for anything let alone because I was a follower of Christ. I admit I was no angel and in some ways I deserve hell. But, not by the hands of men, rather The Most High. I've not done anything you and many others haven't done. So why then would it be ok to have a hidden dark force running my life from the shadows? Moreover, how can anyone say to others trying to explain this that their crazy? It's been an awfully frustrating experience for me to be told that I'm not able to discern what is happening in and around my life when I've never had any problems with my mental health! So please, if you have nothing good to say, say nothing at all.

Before I learned about this program all I knew was something unseen was happening and I've spent 42 years dealing with it. Now that I've learned more about CoIntelPro, and it's existence, I am certain that whatever name they have come to be known under this is the umbrella who tracks, stalks, and harasses me. They've also tried to take my life on multiple occasions.
On a side note, I've learned who my friends are and who aren't that's for sure. These black glasses wearing freaks used to scare the mess out of me but, before I learned they existed they knew of me and wanted my life to dwindle to almost nothing, by making me look (and in many ways) feel crazy to the people around me. This entity obviously has big amounts of money to follow or employ people to follow me because, no matter where I go they have a team there just waiting for me (and they had it in mind to see that I ended up dead). A few people I once called friends showed me they weren't any sort of friend at all. How do I know? Well, there are many factors that come in to play. But, experience would be one, events that followed would be two, and a voice recording of a man saying "it's worse than the police" would be another. My story involves 1 major entity who was determined to cause so much in my life to happen I would eventually crash. They were right about that. I did for periods of time find it hard to live this life with everyone around me acting as if I was making it all up. My life meant nothing to me for a couple of years, and I didn't care what happened to me, because of all that they had done and stolen from me. Eventually after losing all that I loved I couldn't take it. It broke me in every way possible but, that's no longer the case. I'm no longer afraid of what they can do, and I won't say I don't have reason either, but my faith won't allow fear to enter in any longer. This main entity has had enough money to employ people to smear my name and get any and everything on me that they could (even if it was a lie) eventually trying to use that to exploit me for evil gain.

I bet this is where many Freemason's get caught up in having to continue serving for a group that loves secrets. They operate on them. When I say "they" I am meaning Luciferians. People who have given themselves over to the dark one. Like a couple people I know who betrayed me once said "the most powerful organizations in the world".

This entity has to be Luciferian by nature. To watch someone's life being systematically torn up in order for them to achieve "clients" for a specified amount of money is pure evil. It would have to take a demonic person to cause things to happen just to tare a person down. In my case making sure a main water line brakes to see increase on bill along with a destroyed washer, increased heat/gas bill, money missing, a few tickets here, and a few tickets there. and why not help someone lose their job? Well, this is about how my life went for a good three years before I ever began to think about cracking. Then break ins started occurring and I began to wonder if my children were safe. I was reaching out to people about what was going on and they didn't quite know how to react. I much can't blame them.

Back to the one night I was talking of. It was this night, that after lighting a small fire in pots that circled the stairs, that a man went running out of the house and jumped off my 2nd floor. Mr. (anonymous) came over with his pistol, and circled the house finding those prints, and followed them to an abandoned house next door. Wet prints was there in front of a window that looked straight into my bedroom window. This wasn't really the first time it ever happened but it was this time that I knew this entity was a force to be reckoned with and I didn't know where to begin. This entity is still in my life and keeps me in the house more than I'd like to admit. But, it's not done fully exposed yet either. Like why did this start and what made it happen. Was it I'm a daughter of a veteran who was sprayed agent orange that made this mess begin? Or some sick man whose had a fixation on me? That's what I'd hope to uncover over the course of the next few months.

On a positive note. I've never had so much faith in something in my life. Even though you can't see this force without analyzing every aspect of my life and believing all my stories without my #1 witness being around (mother) one can see it without too much work. All you have to do is look at one particular situation, and ask questions, like why and for what reason.

Them two questions alone from one incident is more than enough to prove there is something going on in the dark that doesn't want to come out in the light.

So, It's now December 13th, 2018 and my aim is to continue speaking about my situation, and the meaning for it all, to help others wake up. I am called to speak and show people that this entity is a real force that has goals to keep ALL dissident's and whistleblowers from being heard and taken seriously. But, what happens when we are all gone? Who will they target next? This entity stole my life. Has employees that I'm positive will read this blog. It is these people who have helped the dark forces get their claws so deep into society that it's crippled without it. Or at least make people believe it is. It's these very same people I feel sorry for. Because the snares they set for me did take my life and many moments from me but, it's going to be turned around on them. This will be the curse they brought upon themselves. As people reap what they have sown. They aren't anyone I can beat alone. But, the Creator of all things has defeated them and gave me the power to do so as well. They are able to snuff out my words, and make crazy anything that I say, even kill me. They aren't able to touch my soul. So as I remain in this systematic web of lies that people use to uphold a corruption I give all glory to The Most High. It is he that will keep me from the snare that has a hold on many American's today. Because of this. I am able to speak boldly. With confidence I know what I say and refuse to remain silent in hopes that it wakes you up and puts in you a state of repentance. All while giving the glory to your Creator EL- El-yone The Supreme God of ALL Creation.

I guess in some way I owe all of this madness they've done to me a big thank you. Because, it helped me find myself and to have a faith like Moses. I believe it's going to be real soon that I will have the ability to get out, and share my testimony with others, while allowing the Most High to use me as a vessel to help open the hearts and minds of those that are lost.

My Oregon incident

more of the convo that got me Wilee picture

they hacked my account while in Oregon 
If you follow me at all. You will find I have some videos posted, and I make some pretty wild claims, about being a targeted individual. Sometimes I say I've been hunted. This is so very true! I use my testimony to talk with everyone about truths we face in the modern day world.
Today, someone told me I appear to be paranoid. I've since found out what causes people to come at me in a very messed up way. But, hearing this caused me to listen to my video and recalled the trouble uploading that left me feeling full of anxiety. I'm going to place here the video --again-- and post the text messages despite the anxiety it gives me.  

Let me say I believe the very reason why this (me being hunted) went on for so long is because I allowed their presence without giving it my all to expose this. Obviously this has changed. However, at the time, I don't think I even had a choice. I didn't--and still don't-- really know how to explain it. It was all far more wild than I wanted to address. The embarrassment seemed to outweigh the pro's of exposing.  

But, in the last two years long time friends of mine turned on me and then my brother which broke me, and God said tell your story. In obedience now. I do choose to speak openly about it. I'm not going to be the coward I once was and let them shame me down. I remain fully planted in my word and will do anything to expose it as long as I have breath in me. These people who have turned on me aren't believers. It's clear they love their sin, and they have a love for money that enables them to say they'd turn on someone for a substantial amount of money (says lots about my family and the choice friends I've had ey?).

In this video the incident that took place in Oregon is shown. What really happened between me and Mike can't be refuted because I have the video evidence supporting my story. This guy ran around lying on me and making people believe I was suicidal and had stolen 36k. In the video you hear me say "Your not gonna set me up" and that's because he told me before I left he was going to set me up! Then he did call the police and lie to them. He also ran around telling people I stole 36K. But, isn't it funny the police told me they wouldn't make the report cause they knew he was lying? Why would I say "your not gonna set me up" and then turn around and stay in Oregon to address the police if I hadn't of known? It doesn't even sound feasible now does it? God willing people see through the illusion of him speaking against me to see that he in fact is the one with the issues, and to top it off, he had an agenda just like my own brother did!

The money he did end up losing that day he didn't even know it was gone. Matter of fact, when he told me he was gonna set me up and I was packing to leave I noticed he lost his wallet by my bag in the struggle we got into. That money was my surety to make it out of Oregon. I took it AFTER the video and only because I knew at this point something serious was up and I needed to have some safety. 

You see I'm still alive right? 

That would've never happened had this guy got his way and I had not taken that as surety. As I stated in the video. This was not my first rodeo with those who are "worse than the police". When I left had this gentleman not met me at the driveway a taxi would've picked me up (as I was waiting on one) and Mike could have gotten his money back when I knew I was safe. 

No, didn't happen that way! 

A guy I met in  LA in 2014 (around the same time I broke my ankle by the very same people who have long been pursuing me) met me at the end of Mike's driveway! I was petrified and absolutely stuck in shock thinking no way they're this organized. (But, I knew from that moment they were and fear entered my body like never before). I did learn --long before this moment-- to keep your enemies closer than you keep your friends. 

So, I kept my cool and went with Wiley in a state of confusion.

That money that I took just after the fight and in between the first and second video I recorded at that event ended up being my protection to get out of Oregon alive just as I had thought it would the moment I seen the wallet... 

and NO! 

It was not 36k. 

It was more like 4-5 k and I gave it to the people stalking me to leave me alone and spent some on a hotel room for one night. Mike wanted that money and I would've given it back to him after I flew out of Medford. But, because of the way things transpired I paid people to leave me alone and hitchhiked out of Oregon. Looking back I'd say that Mike  haulted them for a little while hoping he could get it back. Little did he realize I paid them to leave me alone essentially. 

This guy Wilee is who met me at Mikes driveway in Oregon. I text him and told him I would send him some money. To send me his address and I sent him a picture. So that he would send me one too. I held this picture so that I had a tangible photo of the man who met me at mikes driveway. 

Ever since 2014 event I knew to record and try to document as much as I could. Unfortunately, my ex used to steal my phone, and erase evidence too.

Once, I was with Wilee, I spent time on the phone with a friend of mine (who I will leave his name out) for an entire 8 hours. In order that I'd be safe. 

I strongly believe had I not been on the phone with him I would've never made it. 

I recorded videos and snapped pictures of literally any and everything.

Mike did say in that video; "it's worse. It's worse than the cops."
And at this point I knew they were bigger than the police. In fact, I know many police who are involved in this mess they do to people all across the USA. 

Me wanting to get wilee's details
this is the 23rd of May when they changed my email account associated to it and my name
During this time, they hacked all my accounts and began changing everything from my name to even all my contacts. 

I've posted these pictures and a bit of commentary for them. 

Please understand that at this time---when all this transpired--- I needed no more drama than what already was occurring and I was in a bad place with it all spiritually and mentally. So, I'd fib to these people to get things I wanted -and needed- like this guys full name and even his ID.

this is the pic showing where my buddy got me back into my account on the 25th of May
as I was in a hotel just before I tried to leave Oregon. I hitchhiked out to LA where kids are
Screenshots also are showing that someone changed my accounts and I had to change them back.

It's funny how people say I'm paranoid or delusional. Like who changes their accounts, forces their friends to attack you, and documents everything to ensure their safety? How can this be just getting "high"? 

Like, are YOU delusional? 

All that is posted on this link is verified by screenshots and video's. What high and delusional person can conjure all this up? 

All of this stems from only 1 event. Keep that in mind. I have had this happen at least 4-5 times and have additional proof to show that. 

Let me keep listing the Oregon situation and the documented proof of what happened once I left Mikes house after he attacked me.
This is when I changed my name back the day I arrived in LA

When I left I was told by my brother that this man wanted his money back. My brother asked me how much I took. I told him around 4-5k. I can't remember at this time (I gave the money away to the people pursuing me). At this time I didn't know that my brother and sister were trying to work with this guy to get me. I do now. But, this was all so crazy and I was aware of the fact that these people had been hunting me for years by now.

The pictures included show a variety of things. One is how they hacked my accounts once I left Mikes place. It had to be pretty easy cause Mike allowed me to use his computer, and I hadn't logged out at the moment that he began attacking me, which would've been logged into all my accounts. 

They changed my google name to Carmen the whore. 
(how damn embarrassing an degrading is that?)

I couldn't regain control of my accounts after trying once in a hotel so I had to make a knew facebook account to try and reach out to people I know and tell them what's going on. 

You can see from the text he tells me it's only a matter of time before I am kneeling over. So let me ask you, If I'm not in Oregon any longer (cause when this message was sent I was in L.A. and there's text proof he knows) then who will have me kneeling over and why at that?  Can we say it's about the money? Or would it be smarter to say he had a plan long before the money and the money being gone allowed him to speak more frankly over the texting system than he would've if I hadn't?

Remember that he said, "It/s worse than the police" in the video posted here? Also, he said, "I was going to do it." So, what was he going to do? And why was he going to do it? Had it really something to do about the straightening iron he claimed caused the arguement?

To make matters worse. The guy who met me at the end of his driveway--WILEE-- (pictured in text above) shows without a doubt that this man had something in the works already. 

He, my brother, and my sister wanted me in Oregon. As you can see from the proof she purchased me a ticket and I didn't take that flight. Instead I stayed back. 

It was then that Tyson attacked me again so I left and went to my daughters place. During them days Mike kept asking me to come. Said he could use my help moving. As you heard from the video he said he spent a thousand dollars and he did. He spent a thousand on my ticket and he purchased me some clothes just the day or two prior of him attacking me. Now, mind you I left his house and stayed back in LA until I had contacted the police. So Mike wouldn't have known when I had arrived at the airport. But while I was at the airport the airline clerk lied to me and said he couldn't take cash. It was then I contacted Tinnenbey and said would you call the airline. I tried for a couple of hours to get my ticket as I was there. But, I also was somewhat in a state of panic. As I've already mentioned the guy who met me at the driveway was a man I had seen in 2014 when I was being pursued. So, when I went to the hotel, I then seen about 3 more people I had seen in LA. One of the guys used to have dreads and his hair was no longer in dreads. I said you've changed your hair since I seen you last. He said, "dang, you remember that? I said, "why yeah, how can I forget what was going on around me then? My ankle was shattered, and I almost got shot." He quickly turned away. So, it was clear in Oregon that this presence was following me. Now, I had already known that people were out to kill me. The first incident I escaped out of a window. Let me tell ya I seen one of the guys walking down the road one night when it was cold. Asked him if he needed a ride. When he got in I said, "you remember me"? Mind you I wasn't alone. My ex Tyson was with me. They guy was like, "NO". Well. I said. Are you sure? How can you forget the girl you had in mind to kill and she escaped out the window after acting like she was going to give some ass up to your buddy?" He got nervous. I said, "if I were ever alone with you I'd be sure to pay you back in full" He got noided. Said "let me out" I said, "don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you I take you home". That man Roy, who people told me his name was Barry, and is known as Tennessee in the streets of Muncie jumped out of my vehicle at 30 mph. NO! I DID NOT SLOW DOWN FOR HIM. I kinda secretly hoped he broke his neck.

So, back to why I was paranoid around this time. It didn't make sense. These guys want me in Oregon real bad. My sister, my brother, and Mike are throwing money my way to get me there because they all need some kind of help, and it ends up with me getting ruffled up by a person I thought to be my friend? Then an entire crew of people from LA are now around me everywhere I turn? Who wouldn't be paranoid? What the hell do I even call the cops and say? At this point I just was in a state of shock and also a state of panic. I had absolutely no one there. When in the airport I start recording stuff as I am waiting on Tinnenbey to call me back. The phones are going crazy and I can't get no help. When on the phone with Tinnenbey I address the airline clerk and asked him why he lied. His reply? "I don't know". Now, please tell me how my panic or paranoia is able to manifest itself on other people forcing them to lie? 

It doesn't so let me post more of this proof I'm speaking of. As you can see there is a screen shot of him saying days after he attacked me he missed me. So, this guy who claims I stole his money 36k to be exact (and no not close I did no such thing) if I had the police would have let the report be made. Call the Medford, Oregon police department if you wish to verify that. But, again. If I had stolen anything why is this guy saying a couple of days later he just missed me and wanted me to come back? Why was he so concerned? Could it have been that he knew I had him on tape? He tried erasing the video when they hacked my phone and really they did erase it. Luckily the moment I left his house and was in the car with Wiley I was on the phone and sent the two videos to a few people. This is how I was able to retrieve the video. Mike was doing damage control. You can see he was saying well if anything happens to you it has nothing to do with me. What other reason would this guy have to send me this text saying so? More over, this man who claimed I stole 36k also ended up in the airport the day I was lied to and couldn't fly out. I called the police on the airlines people while I was there trying to leave out of the city. The police said book your ticket. By the time it was all said and done all flights were gone. I slept under a bush that night. After I paid them guys to just leave me alone. The following morning I walked about 10 miles to the highway and hitchhiked out. Here you can see that Mike knew I hitchhiked out. Now, tell me something, how did Mike know I hitchhiked out? Also, this guy says I robbed him. Why then did he say I would've bought you a ticket? Now, is it really just me or does this story and these photos paint a very strange picture that doesn't add up unless my story is true? 

well, isn't it funny that after the last message you see of him being all I felt bad for you and I would've never let you hitchhike? Then, he goes to, your suicidal and I should've gave his money back because I'm a greedy bitch? Oh, wait! Let's not forget the fact that he now has said good riddens? He told me earlier he told his friends to lay off of me. The time is 1 hour and ten minutes later and this was his 180? Listen, people say Im nuts Ive made this up. People have told me I'm a snitch and a theif. Have called cops on me and lied. He is on tape attacking me trying to get my phone after he attacked me. He is also saying I was gonna do it. But, I realized I can't I can't do this. So, why was he doing all that? Could this really be the product of some really good dope Ive smoked? Or does this guy seem as if he can't keep his emotions in tack and can't tell the truth either? Well, hell let's look at the facebook post I made when I was in LA with the videos I=of the incident that people reported as being wrong. I just gotta say this makes me feel like I have to pray. People in the streets look at me as if I'm some crazy snitching their and that this guy was wronged. People consistently are lying and for what? Who gains off the name smearing? Any wrong I have ever done. I admit to it. So, Yes. I have broken all 9 commandments over and over. Only one I ever upheld was not putting no other God before the Most High. So, no I'm not a saint. But, let me make this clear. I do not go around stealing. No I don't lie either. I am merely trying to let people see that this is my story and the false accusations are lies and done with a sinister plan. Geeze, God told me I had to tell this crap. So, anyway....

the last one is the first one from him and you can see what he says clearly. Muncie people hate me. I need to start a new life. Well hell Muncie people have hated me since I was a toddler. By time I was a teen they had to make up stories that I had a hot dog in me. They only disliked me because those people who would speak are racist and just haters. The type who smiles in your face and talks behind your back. None of them had real good reason to hate me. I had never in life done anything to any one of them. But, they always had some lie to say about me and more. I lived my life and ignored them. But, oddly they couldn't do that for me. Why is that? Could it be the smear campaign had been going on longer than I thought? Well, truth be told now that I know more about CoIntelPro I am positive they used this model to try and bring me down to a point where everyone would turn on me and no one would care what happened to me. Sometimes I wonder if My sister hadn't of had it in mind to sacrifice me to get her red carpet status. She sure has had a lot to do with all of this, when you sit down, and analyze it all it sure looks like it. If I were dead and a detective had my story in full Im positive she would be questioned. Or Maybe not. Seeing as this is the sort of thing that police cover up and celebrities get away with. Because, thats what they do in this world. To get fame and fortune they must sacrifice people. Look at all the stars and the people close to them that died and then BOOM these people are automatically famous. It's lots. Take my word. I've studied the mess out of this crap. And like I said it was my brother and sister I last had this transpire with. Luckily, I know the signs so I called my grandmother and put a wrench in their plans. Thats why he put his hands on me and I got out of the vehicle and hitchhiked then too.

But, lets get back to Oregon and mike. 

this is the photo I took while in airport. Screenshot of my phone because it was being hacked. As you can see there is background activity taking place. I knew this was the case as I had some schooling in ITT tech for computers so BOOM! It was clear. I was being hacked. So, I started looking around. That's when 

The following picture here is of me the day I tried to catch a flight out. That morning all these people were lingering just outside of my window in the walk. I've been a lot of places, and seen a lot of things, this activity was geared towards me. It's what is called street theatre. As I was on the phone, finding a flight, and talking to one of my friends about it all. This was going on. No big deal. So, I took a couple of pictures, just to show I was watching literally everything.

Next to the tree there is some people. No big deal. They aren't bothering me. They are simply waiting and watching me. Ready to leave. When I do. 

Here you get a better idea that yes there is a couple of people there. As I was talking on phone. I seen them out there for a couple of hours by this time. That's when I decided to take a picutre. You can't see up close. But, I'm almost certain the guy I was trying to get a picture of here was in the airport. I have a video of him. The picture wasn't good enough here. Others I had didn't make it. They were erased by obviously the hackers. Heres one that shows the door to that room was wide open. These people were out there for a couple to few hours as I was on the phone talking about this and what I should do. It was just that early morning that my buddy got me back into control of my accounts. (I'm taking pictures and talking on the phone)

I had MIKE on tape in the airport. He didn't even have a ticket and got behind security. Needless to say. This is how Mike Knew I didn't catch a flight. However, I didn't even hitchhike till the next morning after sleeping in a wooded area under bushes. So, again. How would he have known unless they followed me? I lost everything clothes , phone, literally everything. The only thing I had by time I got outta Oregon was my bible and my life. His people (these people) are a large organization who bands together to do illegal crap, and aid people, in killing people for large sums of money. How I found this out is completely unreal in my book. Not even a page of writing and I have more frustration and anxiety than anyone should endure. But, wouldn't you if an entity that is "WORSE THAN THE POLICE" chasing you? Geeze, people if from this little piece of stuff you can't see that I'm telling the truth then I'm not sure what will. I never even wanted to tell this story. Only reason I chose to is cause I had to. God told me. You have too. Period
you see this is a threat of Mikes days after he said he asked everyone to leave me alone. But, again. Why would everyone even be after me? What did I do? Fly out to help a friend, and he assaulted me, so I left and tried to get back to Indiana? Doesn't make sense. Why call police and lie? If it hadn't of been a lie then why didn't they arrest me when I called them and told them where I was and what I wanted? If it was 36 grand I stole from you this is how you would handle it? Not call the police an apprehend me (especially since you knew every location I was)? Wouldn't that at least get you some of your money back? Mike didn't care about no money accept the money he conspired with my own brother to collect. Kinda odd my brother just accepted 20 grand just before he pulled the crap on me he did. All the same crap that happened here in Oregon. Let me just post all the rest of the pics and explain them later. The stress of talking about this has freaking got me all full of anxiety. Gonna post. Will explain more later. Maybe in a video I'm not sure. Going through this alone has been one heck of a lonely journey.
If God hadn't of told me to tell this story I wouldn't I'd rather change my name and kick it in the woods. FRFR

 security pic shows account being changed (which wasn't me) I was on the phone all night with a friend telling them how afraid I was and how weird everything was. How I'd met this guy couple years prior all that. Plus, I had no phone. Nor had I used that email in years. Just its no need for me to change my account and make all this up a year and a half later. Now that would be insane. But, no. I'm not insane. I'm totally stressed right now though telling this mess. So much for friends right? everyone I've ever known has ended up being slimey in one way or another. Totally cared  forand hung around all the wrong people (with the exception of just a couple).

What my phone read when I finally gained control over it again.

Ok, so I will talk more on this later. To sum this up. This was the 4th time "they" attempted to take my life. How all of this came about. I'm still not 100% sure. I just know my sister, don ashford, and mush have something to do with it. The way I view it all. Is my sister and Don somehow began this journey of trying to do something to me. But, why makes no sense. Outside of this guy being upset I didn't get with him since I met him in the strip club and he gave me a bunch of money.. Screw speculating. The CoIntelPro history is a replica of my last ten years from the police presence to the stalking. My buddies would even get into trouble around me and it did appear even to me as if someone was trying to make it look like me. When they first tried to kill me it was in my old residence and I loved the guy that would've had something to do with it. So, I ignorantly didn't call the police and tell on them then. Over the course of this time. Even the LAPD had it in mind to let the black dude kill me (whole reason I jumped in LA wash) It was such a wild story. I thought it would go away. Now I know the only way I can deal with this is to tell it. I really don't care what happens once I do. I'm targeted yes. But, this gaslighting and what not started before him and I called it quits. He said I was nuts. I didn't push the situations enough  with law enforcement and eventually that pulled us apart. I'm stressed out. I will explain more on this tomorrow maybe. Gotta do something easier for now.
Thanks for reading.
The pic below is the Facebook post  I made that pissed Mike off